Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Howell Mill-Chattahooche Project Update


AT&T Utility Relocation
  • Splicing work & dismantling of remaining lines

Georgia Power

  • Relocation of remaining utility poles

Precision 2K (City Contractor)

  • Installation of signal equipment
  • Power down and remove old signals, power up and install new signals (simultaneous activity with Georgia Power)
  • Demolition of existing traffic island at Chattahoochee Avenue (lane closures)
  • Establish base road bed materials in the newly widened area
  • Roadway milling
  • Asphalt leveling & topping
  • Striping & installation of island at Chattahoochee Avenue (simultaneous activities)
  • Installation of stamped crosswalks

Note: Lane closures will resume 6/2/08. No construction activities are scheduled for the July 4th holiday. The roadway will remain open at that time.

Construction Schedule

The current schedule of remaining activities is as follows, weather permitting:

The relocation of utility lines by AT&T is currently underway. Recent timelines for this activity were extended, due to unforeseen difficulties experienced by AT&T with underground work. Once AT&T completes their relocation work, Georgia Power is scheduled to remove the remainder of the old utility poles. This process could take approximately 2 weeks or less. Upon completion of the utility relocation work by AT&T and Georgia Power, the City will resume roadwork to install raised crosswalks, sidewalks, and pedestrian signals at the intersections, along with the median, resurfacing, and striping. The roadway remains open at this time to avoid unnecessary traffic concerns. The majority of the work by AT&T is occurring on Bellemeade Avenue and not creating traffic concerns. Police officers/flaggers are in place to assist with traffic movement, if needed when there are lane blockages due to utility work. For additional information, please contact the Project Manager, Greg Holder, in the City of Atlanta's Department of Public Works at (404) 330-6208. Ongoing updates may be found at

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